The International Institute of Islamic Thought is an independent intellectual, academic, non-political, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization, with the vision of thought and  epistemological  reform as a basis for balanced, moderate, and sustainable societal progress. It achieves its objectives through four programs:

a) Research

b) Teaching.

c) Translation

d) Publication

It sponsors research and publication of teaching materials for all levels of education from primary to postgraduate. It also undertakes programs that support research in the various disciplines of knowledge inter alia academic events (conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops), student scholarships.

  • Our vision is to be the most effective, impactful, private, non-profit, academic, cultural and educational institution possible, successfully contributing to the reform of human thought as well as integration of epistemology, knowledge, and education.

  • Knowledge and educational research interalia philosophy of knowledge/education, integration of epistemological theories, integration of knowledge disciplines and curricula, and integration of teaching/learning methods and materials under the vision of knowledge and educational reform as a basis for sustainable societal progress.

  • Philosophical research on human thought, its development, its methodologies and its integration for balanced, moderate human growth

  • Integration of knowledge (IOK) through writing and disseminating teaching materials all levels of education leading to holistic, integrated, and effective education.

  • Publication and translation of books and journals in both paper and electronic forms and disseminating them using traditional or internet-based channels.

  • Research in the various disciplines of knowledge and funding programs that promote research inter alia research grants, academic events (conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops), student scholarships, student and faculty exchange, knowledge resources such as libraries and electronic databases.

  • Teaching programs at all levels of education in social, scientific, and technological fields through its own programs or programs of other institutions as well as supporting educational institutions and funding visiting/sabbatical professorships.

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The IIIT Department of Publication and Translation (DPT) is the Institute’s flagship portal to address core intellectual, topical and epistemological issues whose methodology and significance is relevant to time and space. The aim is to give both value and appropriate response to the latter by stimulating wider discourse through production of key works in the form of books and research papers.


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