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The IIIT Department of Publication and Translation (DPT) is the Institute’s flagship portal to address core intellectual, topical and epistemological issues whose methodology and significance is relevant to time and space. The aim is to give both value and appropriate response to the latter by stimulating wider discourse through production of key works in the form of books and research papers.

Translated IIIT Books into other languages

  • Training Guide: Swahili, Somali & Luganda

  • Crisis in the Muslim Mind: Amharic

  • Al urf wal idara: Swahili

  • La ikraha fi deen : Swahili

  • Meethaq Al Sharaf : Swahili, Somali, Luganda

  • Ishkaaliya Istibdad: Swahili, Somali

  • Reading Muslim Mind: Luganda

  • Epistemological Bias: Swahili

  • Maqasid Sharia: Luganda

  • Interfaith Dialogue: A guide for Muslims. Swahili

  • Epistemological Integration: Essentials for an Islamic Methodology. Swahili

  • Islam: Religion, Practice, Culture and World Order. Swahili

  • Islamic Awakening. Swahili

  • Authentication of Hadith. Swahili

  • Miraculous language of Quran. Swahili

  • Mapping the secular mind. Swahili


Here all Books are in English Language.

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Here all Books are in French Language.

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Here all Books are in Other Language.

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